Wednesday, May 16, 2012

International Whistleblowers Are Receiving Large Rewards for Exposing Government Procurement Bribe Schemes and other Government Corruption by International Government Procurement Bribe Whistleblower Lawyer, International Procurement Contract Bribe Lawyer, and International Procurement Illegal Kickback Whistleblower Attorney Jason S. Coomer

Worldwide government purchasing or government procurement is estimated to be over $10 Trillion each year.  Of this large amount of government purchasing, it is estimated that as much as 20% may be through illegal bribes, kickbacks, and other illicit payments.  Government procurement spending includes military spending; public works projects; public health care (pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, & hospitals); ports, transportation, & roads; mining and oil extraction; power grid and stations; education; law enforcement; and sanitation services.  Because of the vast amount of money spent by governments on government procurement, there are many different types of government procurement illegal bribery schemes, illegal kickback schemes, and other illicit payment schemes that have been created to steal money from the public at the expense of a country's citizens.

International Executives, Government Officials, Employees of International Corrupt Corporations, Competitors of Corrupt International Corporations, Foreign Nationals, and other Persons With Original Source Knowledge of International Procurement Bribes Can Be Eligible for Foreign Corrupt Practices Whistleblower Rewards by Government Procurement Bribe Lawyer, Procurement Contract Bribe Lawyer, and Procurement Illegal Kickback Whistleblower Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

International government procurement whistleblowers can recover large amounts of money for exposing international government procurement kickback schemes, international government bribery schemes, and other violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Some types of these international government procurement illegal bribery schemes, international illegal kickback schemes, and other international illicit payment schemes are discussed in more detail below.

International executives, government officials, employees of international corrupt corporations, competitors of corrupt international corporations, and other persons, who are the original source of specialized knowledge of international government procurement bribes, international public works illegal kickback schemes, public health system procurement bribery schemes, and other illicit payments are encouraged to blow the whistle on international government procurement schemes and may be able to collect large financial rewards for exposing the corruption. 

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